Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Epic-ness

I LOVE the Olympics. Literally I LOVE it. I love that we can come together as a country to root on the best athletes in our nation. The US also tends to do very well.. so that helps make it exciting. It almost makes you feel like you can do anything [provided you work REALLY REALLY hard and train like crazy]. I've tried to watch it as much as possible while here in Bend still. I even invited a bunch of people over and made popcorn so we could watch it together. I love watching people go for their dreams and I will literally watch it for hours and hours even if I don't understand the sport. I love watching 17 year old amateur swimmers win gold  and two volleyball players [who are also mothers and wives] win 32 sets in a row in the Olympic games.
It's very epic. 
It's inspiring.

In 2010 I somehow convinced my parents to TAKE me to the Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. for my senior "present." I don't think at that point I realized my obsession, because it wasn't until after we returned home that I watched the entire rest of the games on our DVR. I tried to watch every single event... let's just say senior year wasn't that busy. Here are some photos from our trip :)

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