Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Week of Summer

After the internship at Antioch ended... I've had about nine days at home [4 days of which I spent camping.] It's a strange feeling being home because I was so used to living in Bend with my host family, that I kinda forgot what home is like. One thing I really miss when I'm not home is cooking and baking. I LOVE making food, it's just so rewarding when it turns out well, especially when other people love it. I spent almost a whole day making lasagna [which turned out great!] for a bible study that my sister is a part of. I also made some coleslaw using Paul Dean's recipe and cornbread as sides for some chili my sister put together. 

Last weekend I went camping at Silver Falls State Park with families from my home church and had a BLAST. I haven't seen most of them for a really long time so it was great to catch up, especially with one of my best friends, Jackie. We got to catch up about our lives, I got to tell her about my internship and she told me all about her extravagant trip to Chile. My friends Jackie, Jimmy and I went on a 9 mile hike on Saturday and saw tons and tons of amazing waterfalls. My feet hurt so stinkin' bad! It felt great to be back in nature [Just like Bend!] and to have great conversations with some great friends. I'm so thankful for my home church family, it was great to see everyone together. 

Now today I packed for school... I convinced my mom to help me pack lightly :) and so far it's going well. I might sneak some extra things in the bags before we go. It's a strange feeling going back to school. I'm going to miss a lot about being here and seeing all my friends, but it'll be nice to see other friends at Cedarville and start studying again [sarcasm]. 


  1. The lasagna WAS amazing!!! Wanna come to the Bible Study group again when you're home? Lol!! Seriously, though we'd love to have you join us whenever you can make it and we won't even make you cook!