Thursday, May 9, 2013

Learn New Things

Today was my first full day home of the summer. I learned a few things today, which is neat because I'm done with school, but I guess the learning never stops.

1. You CAN have too many hygiene products.
2. Thank you letters are hard to write with sincerity.
3. You have to PAY someone to take your garbage from your house. This is not a public service.
4. I owe a lot of money in school loans.
5. Being an adult and paying bills looks like no fun at all.
6. Life Insurance doesn't really pay much. Also, funerals are expensive.
7. You can make coloring pages out of pictures by uploading them here!
8. I am very bad at focusing outside.
9. Playing basketball with no shoes on hurts.
10. Netflix has some pretty terrible movies on it.

That pretty much sums up my real-life learning for today. Also, being out of the Cedarville bubble is weird.

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