Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today at Antioch, Ken preached about creating culture in families and in that creating shared values that your family will abide by. One thing that he said that stuck out to me, so I wrote it down was that there are things in this world that will try to take us away from the Kingdom of God by vying for our attention and distracting us from the things of Christ. These are also known as temptations by most of us. One day when I have my own family, I will have the opportunity, along with my husband, to create a culture for ourselves and our kids that embraces the ways of Christ and shows our kids that the things of the Kingdom are way better than the ways of the world.

More recently today, I was reading A Better Way, which is a book that I'm reading for my internship, and there was a chapter that discussed choosing Wisdom, and referenced Proverbs 7-8 so I decided to pause and read that for awhile. Here are some thoughts that I wrote down in my journal.

When we ignore wisdom, understanding, and God's commands, we open ourselves up to being tempted by the things in life that appeal to our sin nature. We're not only tempted, but we will give in because our eyes are not set upon the ways of God. The youth in Proverbs 7 lacked judgement! He forgot God's commands because it wasn't a part of his culture to know the commands and wisdom of God. We are not to let our heart wander astray and our desires to shift to lust after things we shouldn't. I think God really desires to give us wisdom. He says that if we seek wisdom we can find it and by it we can become prosperous and make good decisions and are able to be righteous and practice justice. Wisdom is the way of God and seeking to obey His ways. 

God does not desire for us to struggle through life without Him. He clearly shows us the way by providing His son Jesus Christ and giving us wisdom to guide us through the messiness that is life. We can seek wisdom to create a culture where we are all after God's heart and we become more and more like Him in how we live our lives.

So yeah, read Proverbs 7-8 and ponder wisdom for awhile :)

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