Friday, June 29, 2012

Music & Revelation

If you're not already a fan of Switchfoot, you should be. Yesterday when I was making the 4 hour trip back home for the weekend I spent a ton of time listening to the album Vice Verses (2011), which is in my opinion their best since The Beautiful Letdown (2004). This song, Restless, is seriously one of those songs where I was listening and I just felt myself start to really really listen and think about the lyrics and I probably could have cried if I didn't need to see the road really well. But anyways the lyrics are all about waiting for Christ's return, anticipating the moment when God's creation is complete and we're finally as we were made to be. 


These lyrics made me so excited for the resurrection and to live in our resurrected bodies on earth under Christ's rule. So basically, Jon Foreman.. you are a freaking genius. Your theology is pretty sound too. I wish we were all as musically talented and  poetic as you are. Also check out Where I Belong because it goes along with the whole anticipating Christ's return theme :) 

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